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Pharmacokinetics is a discipline that designs and executes a variety of in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies based on drug development needs to improve the success rate of drug development. Viva Biotech studies various test compounds through its own in vitro ADME test platform and in vivo PK test platform, reveals the disposition rules of drugs in the body, obtains the basic pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs, and studies the properties and characteristics of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) of drugs. Our high-quality data meet the needs of different stages of new drug research and development, and have won the unanimous recognition of domestic and foreign customers.

Reasons for failure of new drug development

(Images from:《Drug Safety Sciences and the Bottleneck in Drug Development》)

Laboratories are equipped with multiple biological analysis instruments and equipment

Mass spectrum:

· Sciex 5500 Qtrap

· Sciex 6500+ Triple quadrupole


· Agilent 1290 infinity II

· Water I-Class premier


· Sciex multiquant, Analyst, lightsight; WinNonlin 8.3

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometer

Service Content

1. Pharmacokinetics in vitro (ADME)

In the process of new drug development, pharmacokinetics in vitro (ADME) plays an important role as an important tool for screening, from hits discovery to candidate compound selection, especially in the process of compound optimization. It helps the discovery and optimization of lead compounds through high-throughput screening, and helps drug R&D researchers quickly understand the properties of compounds, so as to accelerate the acquisition of candidate compounds. Our ADME screening service can provide customized solutions to meet the specific program needs of different customers.

In vitro ADME process:


2. Pharmacokinetics in vivo (PK)

Viva provides in vivo pharmacokinetic research and tissue distribution research services.

Types in the research:

· Animals: rodent, non-rodent.

· Method of administration: IV/SC/IM/IP/PO, etc.

· Biological samples: plasma, whole blood, CSF, bile and other fluid biological matrices.

· Organs: distribution experiment and BBB transmission experiment of brain, CSF, liver, heart, and kidney etc.

· Excretion: feces, urine, bile, etc.

· DDI, pH regulation, P-gp inhibition test, etc.