Discovery Biology Services
Viva Biotech determines the activity characteristics of compounds through various advanced biochemical, biophysical and cell biological methods, including the establishment of screening model and method development, and in vitro and cell based screening of compounds. The laboratories are equipped with automatic liquid handling systems including Echo, Mosquito, Dragonfly and Multidrop and advanced detecting instruments including Envision, Flexstation 3, SpectraMax and Guava to meet various testing requirements.
Service Content
  1. Establishment of cell based drug screening model and drug screening

    (1) Generation of stable cell lines

    (2) Establishment of cell based drug screening model

    · Reporter gene assay, calcium mobilization and cAMP detection could be used for GPCR; Viva Biotech has 57 internally established GPCR cell lines that can provide services.

    · Reporter gene assay based on nuclear receptor.

    · Detection based on FACS, including cell cycle, apoptosis, etc.

    · Detection of phosphorylated protein level and cytokines based on a signal pathway,including the methods such as ELISA, WB and HTRF.

    · Viva Biotech has more than 180 types of cancer cells available for cell proliferation assay with 96-well/384-well format.


    Cell based case:


  2. Establishment of in vitro assay and drug screening

    (1) Target type:

    · Protein kinase

    · Epigenetic targets/p>

    · Other enzymes (phosphodiesterase, ATP kinase, and protease)

    · Nucleotide receptor

    · Immune tumor targets


    (2) Detection type:

    · Biochemical detection: HTRF, ADP/AMP/Kinase Glo, Ulight and Zlyte etc.

    · Target binding detection: FP, Lanthascreen, Alpha, TR-FRET,ELISA, and Probereplacement etc.


    Biochemical case: