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Recombinant Protein Expression Platform

Viva Biotech is a globally renowned provider of custom protein development services, having studied over 1,900 proteins to date, with research on nearly 300 proteins each year. The team possesses extensive experience in various types of protein expression, and the platform includes multiple expression systems such as bacteria, insect cells, mammalian cells, and yeast cells. Specializing in expressing multiple transmembrane proteins like G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and providing other customized services are our distinctive features. Viva's protein expression platform, known for its innovativeness and comprehensiveness, meets the demands of the scientific research and pharmaceutical fields for high-quality, functional proteins.

  1. Case: Recombinant Protein Production

    E. coli Expression

    Case study 1: Soluble protein

    Insect Cell Expression

    Case study 2: GPCR protein

    Mammalian Cell Expression

    Case study 3: Soluble protein

  2. Stable Cell Line Development

    Packaged Lentivirus can infect target cells to generate stable cell lines for antigen expression or antibody functional assay.

  3. Characterize the activity of Antigen
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