Antibody/Biologics R&D Services

Viva Biotech provides professional technical services in antibody and large molecule R&D, offering one-stop services from target antigen preparation to candidate functional antibodies, and further to cell line development and antibody expression. With the company's leading recombinant protein expression capabilities and world-renowned protein structure analysis expertise, we can provide the highest quality antigen proteins for follow-up experiments, and quickly obtain candidate drug molecules with the help of the antibody discovery platform and structure-based drug R&D (SBDD) and artificial intelligence drug design (AIDD). Over the years, Viva Biotech has been dedicated to providing excellent large molecule drug R&D services to many well-known pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies both domestically and internationally, and has established solid partnerships with these industry leaders.

Platform Progress

Successfully established a rabbit monoclonal antibody platform and commenced external services.

Initially completed the construction of phage display cyclic and linear peptide libraries, offering more options for the screening of peptide-based drugs.

Around the bispecific antibody technology platform, Viva Biotech has reached an important technical cooperation with a well-known international biopharmaceutical company.

Customized One-stop Services from Antibody Discovery to Cell Line Development

Customized One-stop Services from Antibody Discovery to Cell Line Development

World-class Protein Expression Platform

High-quality protein expression

Comprehensive Antibody Discovery Platform

Phage display

AI-assisted humanization and affinity maturation

Assay Platform

Customized and extensive assays

Antibody Production and Characterization

Production and functionality testing

Antibody drugability/antibody characterization

Powerful Antigen-Antibody Structural Resolution Platform (Top Provider in the World)

Co-crystal structure, Cryo-EM, HDX-MS

Antigen epitope identification

Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD)

Service Content
Viva Biotech Empowered Projects (Highlight Projects)
Challenging Projects

Viva Biotech successfully helped the client achieve protein expression and crystallization after unsuccessful attempts with services from several other companies.

Viva Biotech successfully completed protein expression and crystallization, and resolved the structure for the client, who had been unable to achieve successful expression of the required protein prior to our collaboration.

Viva Biotech delivers high-quality crystallography services, involving all compounds with nearly 50 sets of structural data obtained and the number still increasing.

Antibody Projects

Obtaining antigen-antibody complex crystal structure data under both acidic and basic alkaline conditions for the client.

Helped the client complete a full suite of services for an antibody discovery project, including the writing of application materials for certain experiments. The project has completed its IND application.

Multi-platform Collaboration
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