Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Environmental-Friendly
    Aspiring for a Low-Carbon Future
  • Giving Back to Society
    Creating Shared Value
  • Corporate Governance
    Commited to Responsibility
  • Environmental Management System

    Viva Biotech has formulated the Environmental Protection Management Rules to define the environmental protection responsibilities and specific management measures for each department. We also carry out annual emission tests to effectively control the discharge of wastewater, waste gas, solid wastes ("the three wastes"), and sundries generated in the production and operation of the Group. Meanwhile, we strictly follow the environmental protection's "Three Simultaneities" requirements to ensure that pollution prevention and control facilities of construction projects are designed, constructed, and put into use according to guidelines.

  • Cleaner Production

    Emission management: During CDMO business processes, Langhua Pharmaceutical has formulated a procedural management system for waste gas and wastewater discharge to ensure up-to-standard disposal and reduce the negative impact on the surrounding atmosphere and water environment.

    Use of resources: Langhua Pharmaceutical has established Energy Resource Management Procedure to regulate energy and resources, reduce consumption, and enhance efficiency.

    Waste Management: In terms of hazardous waste, the Group adheres to the management principle of “unified collection, classified disposal, centralized incineration, and elimination of hidden dangers” and achieves “reduction, recycling, and nitrification” of hazardous waste. Regarding non-hazardous waste, we comply with local garbage management regulations for separate storage, recycling, and unified treatment according to the requirements.

  • Green Operation

    Viva Biotech issued the Proposal on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and the Proposal on Green Office, promoting green office measures. These ensure the rational use of resources and reduce operating costs and energy consumption.

  • Llama and camel mAb platforms
  • People-oriented Dedication

    The Group also advocates equality and diversity, provides equal job opportunities for different job seekers, and eliminates discrimination towards employees due to factors such as race, gender, age, disability, family and marital status, sexual orientation, political and philosophical views, religious beliefs, trade union activities and nationality. We have clearly defined the safety responsibilities in all aspects of business operations and eliminated or reduced various factors endangering the health of employees. In terms of training, the Group standardizes management and provides diversified training for employees, including new employee orientation, safety training, chemical R&D and biological R&D training,etc., to improve the professional skills of employees. We are concerned about the overall promotion of employees’ well-being, and improves their working environment through diverse employee care activities.

  • Joint Fight Against COVID-19

    Viva Biotech set up an epidemic task force. In strict accordance with the guiding requirements of local governments, the Group formulated the Pandemic Prevention and Control Measures of Viva Biotech, and implemented a series of strict health and safety regulations, to ensure the safety and health of our employees and their families.

  • Corporate Governance

    Improve the governance mechanism: the Group has formulated internal policies such as the Articles of Association of Viva Biotech (Shanghai) Ltd. (the “articles of association”) and the Management Measures of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. The Group has established an ESG working group to optimize sustainable development governance structure and enhance the corporate sustainable development governance standards.

    Communication with stakeholders: the Group listens to stakeholders’s voices via building perfect and smooth communication channels and actively responds to issues of common concern.

    Compliance and Business ethics: the Group has set up telephone hotline, e-mail and other reporting channels, through which employees at all levels and stakeholders who have direct or indirect economic relations with the Group can submit and report cases.

  • Product Responsibility

    Protection of intellectual Property rights: Viva Biotech formulated and strictly implemented the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Measures to better protect the intellectual property rights and patents of clients and the Group in R&D projects  by encrypting the relevant documents and reports.

    Information security management: the Group has established an information security team and a strict information management system to standardize the Regulations on Confidentiality of Customer Information, define the scope of confidential information of the Group and methods for keeping confidentiality, and formulate methods for dealing with information leaks. These measures protect the customer information and trade secrets.


    Compliance advertising: the Group has formulated the Brand Strategy Management System to strictly evaluate legality, authenticity, scientificness and accuracy of publicly released information, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients.

    Supply Chain management: the Group has established the Bidding Management System and Supplier Access Regulations to regulate the business cooperation process, reduce supply chain risks and create a responsible and sustainable supply chain for business management.

    Improve the quality control system: the Group has obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification and regularly reviewed, sort out and revised internal regulatory documents to improve quality management level. During CDMO business process, Langhua Pharmaceutical also established strict management systems, so as to ensure that the R&D, production and inspection of products meet the quality standards, relevant regulations and drug registration requirements, effectively protecting the interests of patients and public health.

Environmental, Social and Governance Report
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