Antibody/Biologics R&D Services
Antibody Discovery and Affinity Maturation Platform

Viva Biotech has a team of experienced antibody discovery scientists and a comprehensive antibody discovery platform. Using hybridoma technology, phage display, and AI-assisted design, we provide antibody discovery and optimization services from a variety of sources, including human, mouse, rabbit, alpaca and camel. We have been providing high-quality antibody discovery services to large pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies in China and around the world for many years.

  1. Phage Display Platform

    A Proprietary Naïve Human scFv Phage Display Library(In-house)

    Case study: Phage Display

  2. Hybridoma Platform

    Case Study: McAb Generation by Hybridoma Technology

    Case Study: GPCR

    Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody: Hybridoma Approach/scFv Library

    Case study-Against Soluble Protein

  3. Nanobody Discovery Platform

  4. Viva High Performance Clusters
    Complete Hardware Facility Constructions

    Intel® Xeon® Gold 5318Y processor

    NVIDIA® A100 Tensor Core GPU

    Intel® Xeon® Silver Memory RAM and SSD

    20G IB Switch

    Extendable Cabinet Unit

    GPU workstations -NVIDIA Quadro RTX5000

    Xeon Gold 6248R 3.0G

    High Performance Clusters Enable

    Ultra-long MD simulations

    Routine FEP calculations

    Deep-learning augmented predictions

    Generative AI models

  5. Bispecific Antibody
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