Discovery Biology Services
Structural Biology Services

The structure can determine the functions, and accurate analysis of structural information can provide important basic biological information for the development of new drugs. In terms of structural biology services, Viva has built the protein structure research platform with full advantages and the unique cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) technology platform, which can provide global partners with high-resolution, high-end and all-round protein structure determination services. In addition, the process of protein structure analysis cannot be separated from the support of protein purification and expression. Viva has a complete protein expression system and sufficient technical accumulation to ensure the stability and uniformity of protein samples from the source and provide a solid foundation for the structural analysis of drug target proteins.

X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Protein

Viva has established the world's largest protein structure research platform, providing high quality protein and structural biology services to global customers. About 8000 crystal structures are determined every year, with a high success rate and a maximum resolution of 0.7Å.

· A large number of high purity samples are required for crystallization

· Due to complexity of crystallization, a large number of screening is needed

· Structure of protein under crystallization condition

· Single structure in general

· Suitable for analysis of small and medium molecular weight proteins

· Mature technology, low cost

· High throughput structural analysis

· Numerous synchrotron beamlines

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Cryo-EM Technology Platform

Currently Viva cryo-EM platform harbors Talos 120kV microscope, Glacios 200kV microscope equipped with Falcon4, sample vitrification equipment Vitrobot and high performance computing clusters. Viva Biotech provides world-leading Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) services including plasmid construction, protein expression and purification, negative stain, cryo screening, data collection, 3D reconstruction, and model building. The full gene-to-protein service pipeline is well established to support a full range of projects from gene to drug discovery.

· Minute quantities of sample and low purity requirements

· Intuitive results and convenient sample optimization

· Protein structure in near natural state

· Different conformations and dynamic information of proteins available

· Suitable for analyzing larger molecular weight proteins (>60kD)

· Ideal for structural analysis of membrane protein and big protein complexes

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