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Cryo-EM Technology Platform
Why choose cryo-EM Technology?

Cryo-EM technology is well suited for targets that are not suitable for traditional X-ray crystallography or NMR due to size, crystallization difficulty, stability, complexity, and conformational variability. It can analyze samples in their natural state and obtain near-atomicre solution 3D structures for structure-activity relationships, which can enlighten all steps of drug discovery.

Why choose Viva's cryo-EM Technology?

With rich experience and world-leading techniques in the protein expression and purification field, Viva Biotech can provide high-quality, homogeneous protein samples and solutions for most protein expression difficulties. Our protein-to-structure pipeline not only guarantees the specimen preparation quality for atomic resolution structure determination but also prevents protein denaturing or degradation during transfer. Viva Biotech provides world-leading structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) services including plasmid construction, protein expression and purification, negative stain screening, specimen preparation optimization, cryo-EM screening, data collection, 3D reconstruction, and model build. The full gene-to-protein service pipeline is well established to support a full range of project types from gene to drug discovery.

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