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V-DEL Platform

The V-DEL platform, led by our seasoned DEL experts, showcases high-quality DEL libraries and screening methods with high success rate. This platform integrates with Viva Biotech's comprehensive one-stop drug discovery solution, supported by advanced methodologies such as CADD + AIDD. It further synergizes with SBDD/FBDD and incorporates technologies like ASMS, SPR, X-Ray Crystallography, and Cryo-EM, offering a wide range of services. These include target protein production, customized DEL synthesis, affinity selection, follow-up synthesis, hit confirmation and assay development, medicinal chemistry as well as CDMO services. This holistic approach is designed to expedite the discovery of both FIC and BIC drugs.

High-purity, diverse protein

A top protein R&D platform with efficiency and scale.

Proprietary technologies for membrane protein expression and lipid nanodiscs preparation.

High-grade, differential V-DELs

High-quality V-DELs constructed with innovative strategies and on-DNA reactions.

Leveraging our med chem engine’s collection of large numbers of un-commercially available building blocks (~26,000)

High-quality, fast delivery

Supported by Viva Biotech’s med chem engine.

Shortened the timelines for both DEL synthesis and off-DNA re-synthesis.

Well-established confirmation process

Viva is a highly experienced provider of ASMS and SPR validation for DEL hits

Well-proven synergetic and holistic strategy

CADD+AI powered

Developed synergistic approaches, such as (DEL+FBDD/SBDD) and (DEL + FEP calculation)

Significantly boosts the success rate of DEL screening and its follow-up investigation.

Access to expertise across the organization

The below is the punch line, suggest to keep it as a whole.While you work with one platform at Viva, our entire team of experts with rich experience spanning nearly 20 platforms (including protein production, ASMS, SPR, X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM, FBDD, SBDD, medicinal chemistry, ADME-PK, CADD, AIDD, and CDMO) is always accessible.

  1. V-DEL libraries: High quality
    • Design

      Generic& proprietary DELs such as PROTAC, fragmen, cyclopeptide, and warheadless

      Target focused or Customized DEls (co-design with clients)

      DELs with more diversified and drug like chem space using:

      novel or milder on DNA compatible reactions (on top of >50 routinely implemented);

      BBs (from>26,000) & scaffoids (from>5000) recommended/analyzed by Al/ML/cheminformatics

    • Validation

      BB Validation

      Scaffold Synthesis and Validation

      Route Optimization

      Mini Library Validation

      Timeline: 1 month, for brand new customized DELs

    • Production

      Ligation (strict QC)

      Chemistry (strict QC)

      HPLC purifications

      QC strategies

      Gel electrophoresis


      Parallel single tube production

      Parallel small-scale DEL production



      Timeline: 1to 2months

    • QC

      Heavy Metal Residues Analysis


      NGS Analysis (one of the most stringent standards across the indurstry)


    DNA-Compatible reactions/Tool box

    >50 Reactions for library construction
    • Couplings





    • Deprotections




      NO2 reduction

      Ester hydrolysis

    • Cyclizations




      Indole formation



      Imidazole formation

      Macrocyclic peptide

      Pictet-Spengler reaction

      Benzimidazole formation

      Quinazolinone formation


      Bienaymé reaction

    • Reactions with amines



      Urea formation

      Michael addition

    • Reactions with aldehyes

      Wittig reaction

      Oxidative amidation

      Reductive amination

    • Amine capping



      Urea formation

      Reductive amination

      Carbamate formation


    Functional groups

    • Acids
    • Amines
    • Amino acids
    • Fmoc amino acids
    • Aldehydes
    • Alcohols
    • Aryl halides
    • Boronates
    • Sulfonyl chlorides
    • Active aromatic halides
    *Total 26000+BBs
  2. V-DEL screening: High success rate
  3. V-DEL powered SBDD/FBDD and SBDD/FBDD powered V-DELD
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