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Viva is devoted to push the boundary of the GPCR protein studies. Working closely with experienced experts from GPCR field, well trained researchers in Viva Biotech are able to deliver top quality Crystallizable GPCR proteins including both published targets and also novel GPCRs. The Bench Mark is set as 3 and 8 months for published and novel targets respectively. Please contact us at for more details.


Catalog No for Protein Protein Name  PDB Ref. No. Expression System
GP00101 A2a 3EML/3QAK BV
GP00102 B2a-1 2RH1 BV
GP00103 CXCR4 3ODU/3OE0 BV
GP00104 GLP1 receptor 5VEX BV
GP00105 5HT2B 4IB4 BV
GP00106 PAR1 3BEF BV
GP00107 PAR2   BV
GP00108 PAR3   BV
GP00109 PAR4   BV
GP00110 Rhdoposin 4ZWJ/5DGY/5W0P BV
GP00111 Rhdoposin   Mammalian
GP00112 S1P1R 3V2Y BV


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