CRO Drug R&D Services
World's Leading Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) Services

With its leading position in Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD), Viva provides state-of-the-art drug research and development services to global biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients for their preclinical, innovative drug discovery programs. We cover the all-around needs of our clients for their early drug research and development, including protein expression, purification and structure determination, hits screening, therapeutic antibody discovery, antibody expression and production, Bioassay, computer-aided drug design, medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis, ADME, and PK studies.


  • 1,032+
    Global biotech and pharmaceutical clients
  • 34,000+
    Delivering protein structures in total
  • 1,800+
    Researching and developing independent drug targets
  • 1,200+
    Scientists and technicians
Discovery Biology Services

We are committed to providing global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with one-stop discovery biology services from target protein preparation to PCC identification. We have a unique biophysical platform with the most advanced biophysical technologies widely used in drug discovery, such as X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM, ASMS, Intact-MS, Native-MS, HDX-MS, TSA, and SPR. Relying on our advanced technology platform, we efficiently carry out Hit screening, MOA study, Structure-Based Drug Discovery, and Fragment-Based Drug Discovery for global clients, and accelerate innovative drug discovery and development and reduce R&D costs.

Chemistry Services

Our chemistry services are highly synergized with our discovery biology services and supported by a computer-aided drug design platform. We focus on comprehensive, high-quality, and customized chemical synthesis services, including specific technology platforms such as PROTAC molecular synthesis, peptide synthesis, deuterium compounds synthesis, and nucleic acid synthesis.

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