Corporate Culture
To become a long-term partner of global innovative biotech companies.
Our mission is to fight diseases with research and services of drug discovery and development of cutting edge therapies, to improve life quality.
Our Values
  • Innovation

    With the leading advantages in the field of Structure-Based Drug R&D technology, we actively build an innovative technology platform, continue to expand and optimize services, and help the global R&D and production of innovative drugs.

  • Integrity and Professionalism

    Be honest and compliant, keep our promises, abide by professional ethics, and realize the improvement of self-worth and working ability.

  • Customer Success

    Fully meet customer needs, create maximum values for customers, and continue to focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Win-win Cooperation

    Achieve efficient internal and external coordination for a common goal, establish long-term cooperative relations with customers, and keep an open and win-win attitude to achieve common development.