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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry is a key component of the Viva drug discovery service platform. Via rational molecular design and synthesis of small molecules, Viva's medicinal chemistry teams participate at various stages of the drug discovery process to help the projects reach the goals. From hit compound synthesis and structure verification, design optimization, SAR establishment and analysis, to Non-GLP scale-up synthesis, Viva's medicinal chemistry teams have helped many clients and partners develop proprietary small molecules that successfully moved into clinical studies.

Service Content

· Synthesis and structure confirmation of the hit molecules from HTS

· Integrated structural biology and computational chemistry service

· Structure and SAR guided compound design

· Chemical synthesis method development

· Compound library synthesis

· Lead compound selection and optimization

· Structure-activity relationship establishment and analysis

· Assay development and DMPK service

· Non-GMP scale-up to support for in vivo efficacy and toxicology study

· Documentation and report for patent application

· Integrated project management system and efficient team communications

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