XDC Platform
Choosing the Viva XDC Platform to accelerate your XDC development.
The Viva XDC Platform is a comprehensive platform created by Viva Biotech. Leveraging extensive expertise in the development of antibody drugs, peptide drugs, and small molecule drugs, it offers clients efficient and high-quality XDC development services.
Core Advantages
  • Extensive R&D Experience

    Having over 10 years of experience and having completed hundreds of XDC-related projects

    Providing high-quality peptide synthesis, screening, conjugation, and other peptide drug development services

    Experts in linker and payload synthesis and design, offering customized solutions

    Proficient in various conjugation reactions including lysine, cysteine conjugation and site-specific conjugation, etc

  • Integrated Platform Advantages

    Driven by CADD/AIDD to support various services, including antibody engineering and affinity maturation

    Possessing world's leading protein structure research capabilities, particularly excelling in antigen/antibody structural analysis and epitope mapping

    Offering comprehensive in vivo characterization services for various drug candidates, including efficacy evaluation, ADME, PK, PD, safety and ex vivo studies

  • Comprehensive Testing Technologies

    Equipped with multiple mass spectrometers and Biacore systems

    Supporting comprehensive XDC quality research and analysis

    Providing cytokine detection assays, clinical chemistry, hematology, and biomarker detection, covering diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, and diabetes

Service Contents
  • XDC Conjugation and Quality Study
  • XDC Chemistry R&D
  • XDC Functional Studies
XDC Conjugation and Quality Study
  • Antibody Peptide Conjugation
  • Site Specific Conjugation
  • Antibody Biotin Conjugates
  • Peptide Drug Conjugation Cases
XDC Chemistry R&D
  • XDC Chemistry Capabilities
  • Payload
  • Linker
XDC Functional Studies
  • Antigen Binding and Immune Effect Testing
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Internalization
  • Payload Release
Viva XDC Capabilities
  • Antibody and peptide
    Antibody platform

    Full human, mouse, rabbit, alpaca and camel antibody discovery, BsAb design

    CADD and AI-empowered humanization, affinity maturation and other optimization

    Antibody production, quality studies and assays

    Peptide and PDC platform

    Peptide phage display

    Peptide synthesis, humanization and sequence optimization, etc.

  • Attachment site
    Specific site

    Non-natural amino acid

    N-Glycan engineering


    C and N termini and the amino acid side chain of peptides
  • Linkers
    Design and synthesis
    Cleavable linkers

    Based around peptides, glucuronides, disulfides and thioethers, etc.

    Non-cleavable linkers

    Based around peptide, carbohydrate, thioether and PEG components, etc.

    Most popularly used-maleimides and analogues
  • Payloads
    Design and synthesis
    Small molecules



    Molecular Glue


    APC & PDC


    AOC & POC

Quantify, Characterization and Functional Studies of ADCs
  • HPLC analysis

    Size-exclusion chromatography

    Hydrophobic interaction chromatography


    Ion-exchange chromatography

  • Mass Spectrometry


    Q-TOF, Qtrap and Triple quadrupole

  • Surface Plasmon Resonance

    Biacore 8K

    Biacore S200

  • Protein Structure Analysis

    X-ray Crystallography



ADC Drug
Antigen Binding Evaluation
  • ADC Drug

    Epitope ID

    Antibody structure

    DAR and Drug load distribution

    Linker property

    Peptide Mapping Analysis

    Biophysical Analysis


  • Antigen Binding Evaluation
    Binding Affinity

    Cell free


  • Internalization



Payload Release
Cytotoxicity Assay
Fc-mediated Anti-tumor Effect
  • Payload Release
    MoA of Payload

    DNA damage


    Cell cycle arrest



  • Cytotoxicity Assay
    Cytotoxicity to Antigen Positive Cell

    Antigen high expression

    Int and dim expression of antigen

    Bystander effect on antigen negative cell

    Cell models

    Animal models

  • Fc-mediated Anti-tumor Effect




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