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Antibody Production and Identification Platform

Viva Biotech's antibody production platform efficiently expresses antibody proteins, leveraging both transient transfection and stable cell line methodologies. The platform boasts impressive IgG1 yields, achieving up to 5-10 g/L. It's capable of producing a diverse array of antibody forms, including IgG, IgM, IgA, bispecific antibodies, Fab fragments, scFv, and VHH. In addition to protein expression, Viva Biotech offers specialized chemical fluorescence labeling services. Utilizing both amino and NHS coupling techniques, these services precisely attach fluorescent dye molecules, with a strict quality control process ensuring the integrity of the labeled products. Post-production, the antibody proteins undergo a series of stability and drug-related studies, as well as characterization analyses. These processes are vital to confirm that the antibodies retain their functional efficacy under various conditions, aligning with the rigorous demands of scientific research and the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Antibody Expression

    Transient Transfection

    Case Study: Bispecific Ab

    Case Study: Fab/IgG

    Fab Antibody

    huIgG Antibody

  2. Antibody Production Capability

    CHO Cell Expression System

    Antibody expression types:

    lgG、lgM、lgA、Bispectific、Fab、 scFv and VHH

    Chemical fluorescent labeling of antibodies

    Amino coupling, NHS coupling

    Quality inspection of labeled products

    Structural modification of fluorescent dye molecules

  3. Antibody Stability Analysis

    Accelerated Stability Analysis (The activity of antibodies before and post treatment)

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