PROTAC/Molecular Glue Services

Viva provides global customers with a full range of PROTAC/Molecular Glue drug discovery services using the world's leading Structure-Based Drug Discovery technology. These services cover biology and chemistry, including protein preparation and crystal structure studies, screening of PROTAC/Molecular Glue, kinetic studies, drug metabolism, medicinal chemistry, Bioassay, CADD, and other services.

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    E3 ligases

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    Deliveries of target protein - PROTAC-E3 ligase ternary complex structures

PROTAC Ternary Complex Kinetics (SPR)

In the ternary system kinetics study, Viva's team accomplished the study by coupling one of the proteins to the chip using the SPR technique. As the PROTAC compound is mixed with the other protein at a specific concentration, it flows through the chip in the mobile phase in an experimental design. Currently, Viva team has successfully completed several PROTAC molecular dynamics research projects.


Cases of PROTAC based on SPR technology are shown:

Proteins will be linked by compound which could binding to both protein A and protein B by A-B-A model

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PROTAC Ternary Complex Kinetics (SPR)”, please contact our team.

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