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Viva provides global customers with a full range of PROTAC drug discovery services using the world's leading Structure-Based Drug Discovery technology. These services cover biology and chemistry, including protein preparation and crystal structure studies, high-throughput screening of PROTAC molecules, kinetic studies, drug metabolism, medicinal chemistry, Bioassay, CADD, and other services.
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    E3 ligases

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    Deliveries of target proteins - PROTAC-E3 ligase ternary complex structures

PROTAC Degradation Assays and Ternary Complex Assays

Biochemical and biophysical assays using TR-FRET, Alphascreen, FP, SPR etc. to detect PROTAC-target protein, or PROTAC-E3 ligase binary complex formation, and target protein-PROTAC-E3 ligase ternary complex formation. Cellular assays could detect protein degradation induced by PROTAC and its target engagement. Customize cellular functional assay to confirm the bioactivity of PROTAC on treating specific indication.


PROTAC Degradation Agent Assay Case Study:


Development of a kinase degrader for inhibiting cancer cell proliferation

Case Study: Although less potent on inhibiting enzyme activity than inhibitor X, degrader compound Y degraded enzyme efficiently, leading to more potent inhibition on cell survival than inhibitor.

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PROTAC Degradation Assays and Ternary Complex Assays”, please contact our team.

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