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Antigen-Antibody Structural Resolution Platform

Antigen epitopes are the basis of protein antigenicity. Identifying protein antigen epitopes is of great significance for disease diagnosis and prognosis, site-directed modification of protein molecules, the design of non-toxic artificial vaccines, and biopharmaceuticals. Structural analysis of the antigen-antibody complex and the identification of antigen epitopes are of significant importance for improving antibody affinity, enhancing antibody stability, antibody humanization, the design of novel antibodies, and antibody patent protection. This is especially crucial in the field of antibody AI design, where antigen epitope analysis is paramount. In order to meet the needs of different customers and projects, Viva Biotech can also provide methods of antigen-antibody crystallization, hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX-MS), and Cryo-EM to analyze antigen epitopes.

  1. Antigen-Antibody Crystallization

    Antigen-antibody crystallization and the subsequent acquisition of structural data through X-ray is the gold standard for analyzing antibody recognition epitopes. Crystallization of antigen-antibody complexes requires highly pure and homogeneous antigens and antibodies. The antigen-antibody complex is then prepared for crystallization. This technique is highly demanding and it's challenging to find suitable crystallization conditions. Relying on its unique protein design, expression and purification platform, and structural crystallization platform, Viva Biotech can obtain structural data from the crystallization of various forms of antigen-antibody complexes.

    Crystal Structure Capabilities at Viva Biotech

    Delivery Status of Crystallization of Different Types of Molecular Antigens and Antibodies

    Case: Antigen-VHH Structure

    Case: Antigen-Fab Structure

  2. Cryo-EM Technology Platform
    • Viva Biotech Electron Microscope Hardware Resources
      In-house120kV & 200kV electron microscopes
      Constant & reliable accesses to 300kV electron microscopes
      High-performance GPU computing cluster
    • Cryo-EM Technology Platform
      Single-particle analysis (SPA)
      Micro-crystal electron diffraction (MicroED)
      Electron microscopy characterization: liposomes, virus-like particles, etc.
    • Cryo-EM structures
      Protein complexes, membrane proteins, PROTAC ternary complexes, antigen-antibody complexes
      In recent years, nearly 100 cryo-EM structures have been delivered, with the highest resolution reaching 2Å and the median resolution being 3Å.

    Case Presentation

    If you want to learn more information, please click "Cryo-EM Technology Platform" to proceed.

  3. HDX-MS Technology

  4. Comparison of Three Techniques: X-ray Crystallography, Cryo-EM, and HDX-MS

    Case: Antigen-VHH structure

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