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Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) is a rapid and flexible screening platform, which can screen any soluble protein targets and compound libraries. Compared with other mainstream screening technologies, ASMS screening platform does not rely on radioactivity, fluorescent labeling or enzymatic activity, is more rapid, flexible, with higher throughput, and is more cost-effective. It is suitable for a wide range of screening forms and conditions, and can screen targets that are difficult for traditional screening methods. In the application of ASMS screening technology, there is no need to label or to immobilize the protein, so as to avoid affecting the state of the protein due to labeling or immobilization. As an unbiased screening method, ASMS can directly detect hits without the interference of other components in the sample, suitable for the discovery of allosteric binding compounds. The Viva ASMS platform has been widely recognized by our customers. There are three different ASMS technologies available at Viva, which can be used to meet the needs of wide range of drug discovery projects.


Three Different ASMS Technologies:

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