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Intact-MS Technology

Intact-MS (Intact protein mass spectrometry) technology is used to determine the exact mass of protein molecules, and it is an ideal method to screen covalent binding compound library. When a compound is covalently bound to the protein, the corresponding molecular weight of the protein molecule will increase under denaturing conditions of the Intact-MS, this protein molecular weight shift indicates covalent binding. The following figure describes Viva covalent compound library screening process.


Viva covalent fragment compound library

· 1000 Member cysteine targeting compounds

· MW 150 – 350 Da, average MW = 230 Da

· Designed and synthesized internally

· Good distribution of functional groups (chloroacetamides and acrylamides) and reactivity

· Good distribution of physico-chemical properties

· Intact-MS and cell-based screening technologies

· Sufficient supply for follow-up assays after screening


Covalent Compound Library Screening Process

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