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Hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) is a technique for studying the conformation of proteins. The principle is that when the protein is immersed in the aqueous solution containing deuterium, the amide hydrogen in the main chain of the protein molecule exchanges with the deuterium in the solution at different rates, depending on the conformation of the protein. This hydrogen deuterium exchange rate of different sequence fragments of the protein is determined by mass spectrometry to obtain the relevant information on the protein spatial structure and to estimate the level of solvent exposure of the different sequence fragments. When HDX-MS is done to compare different protein states (e.g. free vs. ligand bound forms), the results may provide information about the effect of binding and ligand binding site.

Viva Biotech's HDX-MS is suitable for a variety of applications, including protien conformation, protein-drug binding, protein-protein interactions, epitope mapping, effects of mutations on protein conformation and kinetics, aggregation, and changes in configuration due to dosage forms and stability tests.



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