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Surface plasmon resonance (SPR), an optical phenomenon existing in nature, refers to the resonance phenomenon that the evanescent wave forms when the light is totally reflected on the surface of the prism and the metal film and enters the optically thinner medium, while there is a certain plasma wave in the medium (assumed to be precious metal), and the resonance phenomenon may occur when the two waves meet based on the energy conservation. The new biosensor analysis technology of biomolecular interaction based on this optical phenomenon can test the real-time, in-situ and dynamic interaction process between biomolecules without any labeling. SPR technology has greatly improved the screening efficiency of small molecule drug affinity.


The SPR team of Viva Biotech now has nearly 10 professional and experienced researchers. With the help of building a stable Biacore 8K and Biacore S200 detection platform, it can complete the multi-concentration screening of more than 500 compounds every day, and successfully delivered the method development of more than 100 targets in 2021. The project covers a variety of affinity detections between protein and protein, between protein and peptide, between protein and small molecule, and between antigen and antibody. In addition to conventional screening of customer compounds, we also provide screening of Viva fragment library of compounds. In terms of project model building, in addition to traditional binary model affinity testing, we have also completed and delivered many ternary compound experimental projects (such as PROTAC).


Detection Principle

With the help of traditional optical phenomena, SPR technology uses light to produce evanescent waves in different media and resonate with plasma waves, so as to build a biosensor analysis technology for biomolecular interaction, which can be used to detect the interaction between ligands and analytes on biological Sensechip.



Case display based on CM5 chip:



Case display based on SA chip:


Case display based on NTA chip:



Homologous binding test case (Dual injection):


Homologous binding test case (A-B-A injection):



PROTAC case display:

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