Discovery Biology Services
Membrane Protein Targeted Discovery Technology

We provide comprehensive services on small molecule and antibody drug discovery with membrane protein targets based on world class, patented membrane protein expression and screening technologies. In general, our customers only provide the target names, and we will support our customers with drug discovery process leading to developmental candidate selection.


  1. Proprietary Technology in Membrane Protein Purification

    · Construct design and protein engineering of highly expressed and homogenous preparation of challenging membrane targets

    · Large scale (>10mgs) of soluble and high quality of membrane proteins applied for:


    In vitro test


    ■ An immunizing antigen used in antibody development


    ■ Affinity mass spectrometry drug screening


    ■ Affinity determination and kinetic study of SPR

  2. GPCR Crystallization

    · Crystallized both published targets and novel GPCRs

    · 3D co-structure determination of class A GPCR with ligands