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In-house developed high quality proteins are ready for assays. Some of the crystalizable proteins can be used for crystal structure researches (compound soaking, compound co-crystallization). Crystallized proteins (with crystal structures) are listed in the OTS crystals section. It is flexible if you wish to order OTS proteins or receive services results (assays, complex structures, etc.). Please contact us at for more details.


Catalog No. Protein Name  Expression System
C00102 MARK1 E. coli
C00202 MARK2 E. coli
C00302 MARK3 E. coli
C00402 MARK4 E. coli
C00602 PKNb E. coli
C00701 PKNg E. coli
C00802 PI3Kα Baculovirus
C01202 BCL-XL E. coli
C01301 TNFR2 E. coli
C01401 SDF-1 E. coli
C01502 DAAO3 E. coli
C01601 PLK1 E. coli
C01602 PLK2 E. coli
C01603 PLK3 E. coli
C01604 PLK4 E. coli
C02001 FLT-1 E. coli
C02202 GSK3b E. coli
C02301 hCLK1 E. coli
C02402 PDE 2 E. coli
C02601 EPHA2 Baculovirus
C03502 PDE 10 E. coli
C03702 PAK1 E. coli
C03801 PAK2 E. coli
C05802 PTP1B E. coli
C05901 BCL-2 E. coli
C06401 MCL-1 E. coli
M00501  TEV E. coli
M01101 Yeast ULP1 E. coli


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