What are cookies?

We use "cookies" on this Website. Cookies are some small pieces of text that are sent to your browser by a website you visit and stored on your terminal memory. They help the website remember certain information (e.g. your language preference or website settings) that may pass back to us (depending on the retention period of the cookies). We would like to use cookies in order to better understand your use of our website. This will help i mprove your experience with our website in the future.

What kinds of cookies do we use?

We distinguish two types of cookies from each other:

(1) functional cookies, without which the features of our Website would be limited, and

(2) optional cookies, with which we do website analysis or use for other purposes. There are some details about optional cookies we use in the table below:

Optional cookies

Name Purposes and Contents Expiry Providers Consent
Baidu Statistics These cookies enable us to analyze how you use this Website by assigning your device a unique, randomly generated ID that allows us to recognize your device on your next visit. 6 months Baidu Yes/No

Depends on your consent

We only use the cookies mentioned above. When you visit our Website for the first time, a header will appear asking you to agree to our setting of cookies. If you agree, we will place a cookie on your computer, and this header will not appear within the retention period. When the cookie retention period expires, or you delete the cookie voluntarily, the header will reappear and ask for your consent the next time you visit our Website.

Cookies Settings

You can visit our website while you refuse to set any cookies. You can configure or completely disable cookies in your browser at any time. Unfortunately, the features of our Website are limited or you will not be easier to visit the Website again by doing this. You can turn off optional cookies by rejecting corresponding items in the list above.