Viva Biotech Awarded Successively “Top 20 Chinese R&D Enterprises in 2023” and Langhua Awarded “Top 20 Chinese CDMO Enterprises in 2023”
Time: 2023-06-27
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:These two awards  prove the industry's recognition of the comprehensive strength of Viva Biotech and Langhua Pharmaceutical.

During the recent "2023 High-Quality Development Conference of the Great Health Industry and the 8th China Pharmaceutical R&D and Innovation Summit(PDI)", the highly anticipated "2023 China Pharmaceutical Industry R&D Strength Ranking Series List" was announced. Viva Biotech has once again demonstrated its exceptional capabilities and secured its position among the " Top 20 Chinese R&D Enterprises in 2023". Furthermore, our subsidiary, Langhua Pharmaceutical, was recognized as one of the "Top 20 Chinese CDMO Enterprises in 2023".



The "Top 20 Chinese CRO/CDMO Enterprises in 2023" lists are based on strict criteria, including ten indicators such as the company's total annual revenue, annual revenue growth, net profit, net profit growth, R&D investment, R&D investment growth, personnel size, personnel growth, brand awareness, and leadership in specific fields. These indicators represent the highest level of excellence in the pharmaceutical CRO/CDMO industry.  


Viva Biotech and its subsidiary Langhua Pharmaceutical have been recognized for their comprehensive strength in the pharmaceutical industry, winning two awards in a row at the "2023 High-Quality Development Conference of the Great Health Industry and the 8th China Pharmaceutical R&D and Innovation Summit". Viva has consistently been driven by innovation, deep resource integration, and a continuous commitment to enhancing CRO/CDMO service capabilities. For our CRO business, we have built several core technology platforms, including: the PROTAC technology platform, protein production, preparation and structure biology platform, Cryo-EM technology platform, membrane protein research technology, hit discovery platform, bioassay platform, computer-aided drug design (CADD) and artificial intelligence in drug discovery (AIDD), medicinal chemistry, etc. By fostering synergistic development between biology and chemistry, Viva is dedicated to delivering complete value to customers worldwide. On the CDMO front, our total available capacity reached 860 m³ and an additional 400 m³ of new capacity is planned for the year 2024. In respect of CMC, the fully operational laboratory space spans approximately 10,000 m³ has been fully put into use, including a 3,000 m2 GMP pilot plant for formulation development.. Furthermore, Viva is committed to strengthening its R&D talent pool, with the Group's total employee count reaching 2601 as of December 31, 2022.


Moving forward, Viva Biotech will keep implementing a differentiated one-stop platform for drug R&D and production services. Leveraging years of experience and unique advantages in First-in-class drug development, coupled with integrated one-stop service capabilities, and led by a team of esteemed senior scientists, Viva Biotech aims to provide distinctive and customized services across the entire industry chain to global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


About Langhua Pharmaceutical


Zhejiang Langhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company engaged in research and development, production, marketing, and sourcing of pharmaceutical products. As the subsidiary of world leading drug discovery CRO company Viva Biotech Holdings, Langhua offers our worldwide partners One-Stop CDMO solution in new drug full life-cycle for small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Form, from pre-clinical to commercial supply.

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