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Viva Biotech is listed on the HKEX !

2019/06/11 13:49
Viva Biotech Holdings (“Viva Biotech” or “the Company”,1873.HK) is successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 9th, 2019.

Mr. Mao Chen in HKEX,9 May

Viva Biotech Holdings (“Viva Biotech” or “the Company”,1873.HK) is successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 9th, 2019. The stock issuance price is HK$4.41 and the code is 1873.HK.With its outstanding management capabilities and good development prospects, Viva Biotech will become a new star company which listed on HKEX.

Management team of Viva Biotech in HK

The management team of Viva Biotech went to Hong Kong to participate in the international roadshow on April 25 and Viva's HK IPO was very successful in the HK capital market with an oversubscription of HK public offer shares of over 106 times. 
Viva Biotech was established in 2008,and was recognized as a technologically advanced service company in 2010. It was recognized as a high-tech campany in 2013 and certified as a corporate R&D institution in Pudong New Area in 2017. Then in 2019,it was named one of the top 20 innovative companies in Shanghai Pudong New Area.Nowadays, Viva Biotech has obtained 14 patents, including 11 invention patents (including three PCT patents), 3 utility model patents, 1 software copyright, and 2 patents pending, including 2 invention patents.

 Main Building of Viva Biotech (Shanghai)

Viva Biotech operates a leading innovation-driven technology platform to support clients’ pre-clinical drug discovery. Viva Biotech is well known for its cutting-edge technologies in protein science, structure based drug design, fragment based drug design, affinity selection mass spectrometry screening technology, and membrane protein targeted drug discovery. In addition, Viva Biotech is innovative for its “equity for services” business model, which has incubated more than 30 early stage research and development projects, and plans to incubate more projects in the future.


On this basis, the Company innovatively combines the conventional cash-for-service (CFS) model and the unique equity-for-service (EFS) model. With the combination of CFS and EFS model, Viva Biotech has achieved the leap from CRO business to the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical market and become a cradle for promising biotechnology start-ups.Since 2018, Viva has shifted its strategic focus from the CFS model to the EFS model, and has selectively increased the number of incubation investment companies while maintaining a stable growth and source of revenue for the CFS model.
Mr. Mao Chen, Chairman of the Viva Biotech Group
“Customers choose us to be the reputation of the company and the monopoly position in the industry. We have outstanding advantages in terms of profitability, technical level, regional layout, and demographic dividend of technicians. It is difficult for other CRO companies to surpass us.” said Mr. Mao Chen, Chairman of the Viva Biotech Group, who is full of confidence in the future of the Group: “Our business is global, especially in Europe and America. Global business is our competitive advantage. With the leading position, there are many industry thresholds and technical difficulties to overcome in this field. Therefore, we are confident that we can maintain our current position. At present, the Group's domestic income accounts for about 20%, and this proportion will become more and more. Mainly depends on the importance attached by domestic pharmaceutical companies to innovative drugs. We extend from the global positioning to the domestic, from the source of innovative drugs to the domestic penetration, catering to the domestic market demand to catch up with the trend of international innovative drugs. We are in the future Will continue to follow the industry chain, deep into the field of compound optimization, late clinical research and development. On the market in time for the outbreak of the stage biotechnology in China, the majority of innovative drugs market, we hope to support the development of hundreds of companies and contribute our best to the progress of biomedical strength. "