Viva Biotech Ltd. hosted a networking event in Boston, MA, USA

Boston, USA, October 3rd, 2017—Viva Biotech Ltd. hosted an annual reception in Boston Marriott Cambridge, to thank our clients. The event attracted more than 50 industrial friends representing 30 companies, coming to the event. 


Guest exchange


Cheney Mao, Chairman of Viva


President of Viva, CTO and CSO gave a brief introduction about current development and prospects of Viva at the beginning of reception.


Derek Ren, President of Viva


Zhixiong Ye, CSO of Viva


Shawn Cheng, CTO of Viva


The event was highlighted by the presences of friends from companies including Agios, Celgene, Epizyme, KSQ, Nimbus, Thrid Rock, etc.




All the guests and Viva team had enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing evening of wine, beer and delicious finger foods.



About Viva


Established in 2008, Zhangjiang, Shanghai, Viva Biotech (Shanghai) Ltd. is a leading innovation-driven technology platform company which is dedicated to support clients pre-clinic drug discovery. Viva Biotech has been well known for its world class technologies in protein science, structure based drug design (SBDD), fragment based drug design (FBDD), affinity selection mass spectrometry (ASMS) screening technology, and membrane protein targeted drug discovery.  

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