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Gene-to-Protein & Gene-to-Structure

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Gene-to-Protein & Gene-to-Structure
We provide gene-to-protein (G2P) and gene-to-structure (G2S) services. Based on our customers’ needs, we perform construct design, pilot expression, select better constructs for scale-up expression, and finally protein purification and crystallization. 
According to Frost & Sullivan, we provide world-leading structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) services. SBDD has resulted in faster definition of drug-binding properties and has made it easier to identify hit compounds through screening programs. We have provided drug discovery services to nine of the ten largest global pharmaceutical companies (in term of revenues in 2017), as well as hundreds of biotechnology companies and research institutes worldwide including 23 companies named in the Fierce Biotech Top 15 Promising Biotechs.
● Construct design with all commercial available vectors
● Multiple tags, inserts, mutations, deletes and multi-parallel construct design
● High capacity protein expression in E coli, Insect cells, and mammalian cells 
● Automatic protein purification by AKTA.
● Double stand DNA purification
● Post-treatment of protein for crystallization: Protein refolding, dephosphorylation and deglycosylation
● 13C, 2H and 15N Labeled proteins for NMR 
● Membrane protein purification from over 70 GPCR stable cell lines, 50 human gene targets. 
● Endotoxin-free protein purification (Final endotoxin as low as 0.1EU/mg)
Quality Controls:
 Purity of >90% achieved
● Western Blotting with Anti-His, Anti-GST and Anti-bio etc antibodies
● Analytic UPLC 
● LC_MS 
● Peptide mapping and sequencing
● DLS, CD and related biochemical assay
Analysis of a five subunit complex, prepared using
co-infection expression, using SEC and SDS-PAGE.
The top band contains two subunits with close MW.
Protein Crystallization and Structure Determination
With state-of-the-art software and hardware, about 1500 crystal structures are solved in Viva each year at up to 0.94A resolution and with an excellent success rate.
● Crystallization Screening by Formulatrix NT8 robot
● Crystal plate review by Formulatrix Rock Imager
● Four 18℃ and One 4℃ crystallization rooms for crystallization trials
● Co-crystallization with compounds and Compound soaking with apo crystals 
● Weekly Data collection at synchrotron facilities, including SSRF etc. In-house X-ray resource when necessary
● Crystal Structure determination using MR or SAD and MAD methods.
● Model building with Coot and Pymol software
● Structure refinement using CCP4 software suite
● Structure analysis and SBDD service
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