Viva Insights: Cryo-EM Single Particle Analysis (SPA) Explores the Mystery of Complex Structures at the Atomic Scale
Time: 2022-11-25
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:The 11th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched.

On November 23, the 11th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched. Dr. Xiaorun Li, project manager of the cryo-EM group of Viva Biotech, shared his insights on "Cryo-EM Technology - A Breakthrough for Complex Structures in the New Pharmaceutical Era" and explained the development of single particle analysis (SPA) and its practical application in the field of drug discovery. In addition, he analyzed several successful cases.


He also introduced Viva's proprietary cryo-EM platform: two high-end cryo-electron microscopes (Talos120, Glacios) and instrumentation, such as the automatic plunge freezer (Vitrobot), glow discharge, and multiple image processing workstations. In addition, Viva is currently installing a top-of-the-line 300 kV Krios cryo-electron microscope. With advanced instrumentation and a high-level technical team, Viva R&D staff can independently perform single particle analysis techniques for structure-based drug discovery and development, encompassing a full range of services from plasmid construction, protein expression purification, sample negative staining, sample optimization, freeze sieving, data collection, 3D reconstruction, and protein atomic structure construction.


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