Online Panel: How Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Can Open the Next Golden Era of Small Molecule New Drugs
Time: 2022-11-08
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:The "Online Panel of PROTAC" officially launched.

On November 1, the "PROTAC Live Broadcast" was organized by Viva Biotech and co-organized by Pharmcube. Dr. Han Dai, CIO of Viva Biotech and Head of Viva BioInnovator, was the host. In addition, four industry experts joined to analyze the recent development of PROTAC: Dr. Xiaobao Yang, Founder and CEO of Gluetacs Therapeutics; Dr. Liqiang Fu, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of GluBio Pharmaceutical; Dr. Xin Cai, Founder and Chairman of Fendi Pharmaceutical; Dr. Yan Feng, Founder and CEO of Leading Tac Pharma. Together they shared applications and breakthroughs of PROTAC in the past 2 to 3 years on non-druggable or difficult-to-drug targets and solutions for overcoming the difficulties of oral drug delivery. Lastly, they shared the screening of molecular glue targets from the corporate strategy perspective. 


To watch the full video playback, please visit Tencent Video or BiliBili.

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