Viva Insights:AI Technology Accelerates the Process of Innovative Drug Development
Time: 2022-09-20
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:The 8th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched.

On September 8, the 8th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched. Dr. Yue Han, Associate of Viva BioInnovator, shared his insights on the “History of AI and its Application in the Field of Drug Development”. In summary, AI can be applied to multiple processes in drug discovery; preliminary research, target discovery, compound synthesis, compound screening, new indication discovery, crystal prediction, patient recruitment, and much more. AI significantly shortens the R&D time, reduces costs, and increases the success of R&D. Dr. Yue Han predicted multiple opportunities and uses for AI pharmaceutical companies in the future. First, for accumulating high-quality data; second, to assist in recruiting top talent worldwide; third, for solving single-domain, single-task problems in deterministic environments; and fourth, to recommend benchmarks and consensus in ethics and regulations.


In addition, he introduced VBI's post-investment management structure and layout in the AI drug development field. Currently, the company has invested in 90 startups involving 5 AI+ drug development startups, namely AIxplorerBio, Apeiron, Phenomic AI, Vincere Biosciences, and ArrePath.


Please watch the video record of the broadcast through Tencent Video or BiliBili.

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