Viva Insights:CADD Accelerates the Process of New Drug Development In the New Pharmaceutical Era
Time: 2022-09-29
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:The 9th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched.

On September 23, the 9th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched. Dr. Yue Qian, Senior Director of the Biology Department at Viva, shared her insights on an “In-depth Explanation of Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD)”. Firstly, she introduced the history and development of CADD, then she explained in detail how to properly apply various calculation tools of CADD and comprehensively analyzed the application of CADD in new drug R&D through case studies .


(A practical case of protein design)


(A Case of MD-based antibody design)

(A case of FEP-based R&D of COVID-19 wonder drug)

Finally, Dr. Yue Qian concluded that whether it is MD, FEP, or another type of popular machine learning, they all need strong arithmetic power. Viva has a Super Computing Cluster platform equipped with advanced A100 GPU chips, which can provide powerful arithmetic support and high-performance bioinformatics processing capabilities, all which help innovative drug development. Additionally, Viva's high-quality chemical and biological experiments support CADD. CADD synergizes with other various technology platforms to accelerate the drug discovery and design process.


Viva's One-Stop CADD Platform for New Drug R&D


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