Viva Insights:Using Mass Spectrometry to Accelerate the Process of New Drugs Discovery
Time: 2022-05-19
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:The third Viva Live Broadcast was officially launched.

On May 17, the third Viva Live Broadcast was officially launched. Dr. Fang Fang, Deputy Director of Biology Department of Viva Biotech, shared her insights on “Application of Mass Spectrometry in New Drug Discovery”. She introduced Viva's mass spectrometry technologies and highlighted the Viva engine for Lead discovery technology platform, and illustrated its ability to accelerate the new drug discovery process through case studies.


About Viva's Mass Spectrometry-based Screening Platform

Viva's mass spectrometry based screening platform is well-known for its cutting-edge technologies such as ASMS, Intact-MS, Native-MS, HDX-MS, etc. Our services cover not only fragment library, drug-like library and covalent compound library screening but also services of Characterization of compound mechanism of action. In addition, Viva has rich experience and good reputation in the field of protein preparation, structure determination and function elucidation. Viva has the world's largest structure biology platform, which the mass spectrometry-based screening platform can benefit from.


Please watch the video record of the broadcast through Wechat Channels "维亚生物" or BiliBili.

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