Viva Biotech was honored with "the Influential Preclinical CRO Company of the Year" award
Time: 2024-01-15
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:Viva Biotech, utilizing multiple core technology platforms and one-stop service capabilities, empowers the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

The fourth session China Biopharmaceutical Industry Chain Innovation and Transformation International Summit, along with the Awarding Ceremony of the fourth session China Biopharmaceutical Industry China Innovation Talents, was held in Hangzhou on December 15th. At the event, Viva Biotech was honored with "the Influential Preclinical CRO Company of the Year" award at the 2023 Innovation Billboard.


This reward is a testament to Viva Biotech's innovative capabilities, service excellence, and influence in the industry. Innovation remains at the core of Viva Biotech's ethos. To date, Viva Biotech's CRO business line encompasses numerous core technology platforms. These include the molecular glue/PROTAC platform, Protein production and structural research, Cryo-EM technology platform, membrane protein research, drug screening technology, Bioassay deck, Computer-aided drug design(CADD), AI-driven drug design (AIDD), medicinal chemistry, therapeutic antibody discovery. Viva's approach synergizes biology and chemistry to deliver value to the global clientele. Furthermore, Viva Biotech is actively developing the V-DEL technology platform and advanced antibody discovery platform, marking another step forward in Viva's commitment to biopharmaceutical innovation.


Viva Biotech has recently launched its V-DEL technology platform led by the industry expert Dr. Bing Xia. The V-DEL technology platform features novel and high-quality DNA-encoded libraries, efficient screening processes, and integration with Viva's comprehensive one-stop drug discovery platform. Viva Biotech's V-DEL platform is set to offer a wide range of services, including target protein production, DEL-based drug discovery, DEL library construction, affinity screening, customized synthesis of active compounds, and biological assay validation.


Viva Biotech's antibody discovery platform, led by a team of experienced experts, goes beyond traditional hybridoma technology. Viva Biotech has introduced a variety of advanced technologies, including optimized phage display, yeast display, and mammalian cell display technologies, offering a one-stop service for the development of macromolecules, ranging from target antigens to candidate functional antibodies.

The China Biopharmaceutical Industry China Innovation Billboard is an initiative by the China Biomedical Industry Chain Innovation and Transformation Alliance(CBIITA). The award program covers various sectors including innovative pharmaceutical companies, technology platforms, clinical trial institutions, investment entities, clinical PIs, and innovation parks, making it one of the most comprehensive industry awards. Since its inception in 2020, it has been held for four years, always adhering to the purpose of "establishing industry benchmarks, stimulating innovation potential, and nurturing a culture of innovation." The awards are dedicated to deeply exploring the evolving landscape of industry transformation and supporting the development of China's medical industry. Each award ceremony is witnessed by a distinguished assembly of domestic and foreign academicians, leaders from national ministries, representatives of national academic associations, experts from university research institutes and clinical trial institutions, investment partners, as well as executives from listed and pre-listed companies. With the participation of over 400 industry institutions and 200,000 people involved in the selection process, it has become a bellwether award in the field of biomedical industry innovation and transformation.


In the future, Viva Biotech will continue to uphold its principles of excellence, innovation, and client achievement, consistently strengthening its technological barriers. Viva Biotech aims to deepen expertise and influence in the CRO field, meeting clients' needs with even higher standards. This award inspires us to keep moving forward, striving to advance medical research and contribute more wisdom and strength to the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

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