VivaVision and Everads Collaborate to Develop Durable and Effective Therapies for Retinal Diseases
Time: 2023-01-09
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:Delivery of VivaVision's best-in-class molecules via the suprachoroidal space using Everads' technology is expected to lead to novel treatments for retinal diseases.

TEL AVIV, Israel and SHANGHAI-- VivaVision, invested and incubated by Viva BioInnovator (VBI), is a pharmaceutical company developing innovative therapies for ocular diseases. Recently, they announced that they are partnering with Everads Therapy, a biotech company developing optimized retinal therapies using its novel suprachoroidal drug delivery technology in order to develop safer, more effective, and more durable treatments for retinal diseases.


The two companies will develop certain undisclosed molecules of VivaVision for suprachoroidal delivery using Everads' technology and expertise. The molecules selected are potent small molecules that work against well-validated therapeutic targets in retinal disease management, and that are designed to enable extended durability in the suprachoroidal space.


The suprachoroidal space is a promising route of administration for therapies targeting the back of the eye. Recent clinical results, as well as the FDA's approval of the first drug and accompanying delivery technology for suprachoroidal delivery, have further demonstrated the potential benefits of delivery via this route of administration. While the suprachoroidal space has long been of interest due to its ability to directly target the retina and choroid, a major hurdle to its use has been the availability of safe, reliable and efficient delivery technologies. Everads' novel approach for suprachoroidal delivery has demonstrated its ability to rapidly and safely deliver drugs to the back of the eye.


"We are excited about the potential of delivering our treatments for posterior eye diseases through the suprachoroidal space using Everads' technology, an approach that we believe will demonstrate strong efficacy and durability, potentially bringing life-changing improvements to populations throughout the world," commented Wang Shen, PhD, CEO of VivaVision.


Moshe Weinstein, Executive Chairman and acting CEO of Everads, added, "We believe that VivaVision's drug candidates and formulations offer significant potential for the treatment of retinal disease via suprachoroidal administration with our technology. We look forward to working together to increase treatment safety, effectivity and durability."  


Under the terms of collaboration agreement, the companies will jointly conduct pre-clinical research activities, in order to identify lead candidates for future clinical development and commercialization. Everads and VivaVision will share costs of the research plan, and have rights in a future joint venture which will hold the commercialization rights of the research results. 


About VivaVision Biotech

VivaVision is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on best-in-class and first-in-class therapies for ocular diseases. Besides VVN001 program, VivaVision is developing VVN539 for the treatment for Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension, and VVN461 for the treatment of non-infectious anterior uveitis and post operative inflammation. VivaVision is also engaged in discovery and development of novel therapies for the treatment of other anterior and posterior eye diseases. VivaVision is led by experienced drug hunters in the fields of ophthalmology. The company is inspired to be a global leader of ophthalmic drug discovery. VivaVision is backed by leading life sciences investors including Sequoia, Lapam, Cenova, GTJA, etc.

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About Everads Therapy

Everads Therapy is a biotech company focused on optimizing treatment of retinal diseases using its proprietary suprachoroidal delivery technology. With the aim of overcoming challenges in current treatment methodologies for retinal and macular diseases, Everads' delivery system offers the promise of improving the efficacy and safety of existing and potential drug therapies via suprachoroidal delivery. Everads has a number of collaborations in the areas of gene therapy, cell therapy and other modalities. Everads was founded within RAD Biomed, a leading biotech incubator in Israel, and its underlying technologies were licensed from the Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center. The technology was further developed and optimized in conjunction with DALI Medical Devices, who specialize in injectable drug delivery solutions.

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