Viva Insights: How can fluid chemistry drive innovative drug process development?
Time: 2022-09-05
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:The 7th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched.

On August 25, the 7th Viva Live Broadcast officially launched. Dr. Shuai Pan, Director of Process Development at Langhua Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Viva Biotech, gave a speech and an in-depth explanation of the continuous manufacturing of innovative drugs. The focus centered around points of concern in the ICH Q13 guideline. In addition, he introduced Langhua's numerous technologies and applications in the field of fluid chemistry. Langhua's continuous flow process platform has a professional technical team, including cutting-edge talents in continuous process route design, development, reactor design, chemical engineering, and much more. The core technicians have worked in the field for many years and have successful experience in hundreds of continuous flow process R&D projects. Accompanying the experienced technicians, the Langhua R&D center is equipped with proprietary labs and equipment. The Langhua Shanghai R&D center contains a continuous flow process development lab of nearly 200㎡, and the GMP plant in Taizhou includes a commercial, continuous micro-channel reactor with an annual capacity of 1,000 tons. Currently, Langhua has completed continuous flow processes for various hazardous reactions, such as ozonation, acylation, amination, diazotization, nitration, oxidation, sulfonation, and other hazardous reactions.


Please watch the video record of the broadcast through BiliBili.

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