Viva Biotech's Recent Conferences & Events Review
Time: 2022-08-05
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:Over the past 1 month, Viva Biotech attended 3 industry conferences/events and delivered some insights.

SIT 2022


On July 20th, SIT 2022 took place in Hangzhou. The forum focused on the latest trends of cutting-edge drug R&D cases, undruggable targets, anticancer drugs, AI-driven drug discovery, and much more. 


(First from left: Dr. Han Dai, CIO of Viva Biotech and Head of Viva BioInnovator)


As the moderator on the panel "New Technologies and Thinking for Small Molecule Drug Discovery",  Dr. Han Dai, CIO of Viva Biotech and Head of Viva BioInnovator, had a thorough discussion with panelists. He said that new drug discovery is a systematic, comprehensive, and in-depth process involving many vital aspects. With its strength in Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD), Viva has built an advanced integrated platform to support preclinical drug discovery by combining multiple technology platforms with high technical barriers. On the other hand, as the core division of Viva's investment and incubation (EFS business), VBI focuses on post-investment management, improving the service capability of its CRO/CDMO services, expert support, funding, industry network, operations, and other aspects which accelerate the realization and commercialization of new drug R&D.



INTSYNTH Live Broadcast-CDMO Process


On July 3rd, Dr. Jianguo Ma, Senior Vice President of Viva Biotech and CEO of Langhua Pharmaceutical, participated in the INTSYNTH Live Broadcast to discuss the CDMO process with other panelists. Dr. Ma shared his professional insights and experience in process development, manufacturing, and filing of API for innovative drugs. He gave an in-depth explanation of API development and manufacturing through case studies in different clinical stages.


Dr. Ma explained, "Langhua has rich experience in IND filing in China and US. The Chinese NMPA and the US FDA have roughly the same audit requirements, but there are some small differences. For small molecule drugs, the Chinese IND application requirements are more stringent. We always analyze the Chinese and U.S. filings specifically and develop a perfect strategy to meet both countries' standards and technical requirements."


In addition, he focused on the advantages of Langhua in API R&D and production. Langhua uses a first-class R&D team, sufficient capacity supply, advanced API and formulation technology platform, reliable GMP and EHS management system, and IP protection system. They help offer worldwide partners a one-stop CDMO solution in new drugs' entire life cycle for small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished Dosage Form (FDF), from pre-clinical to commercial supply.



CIS-Asia 2022


On July 28-29, CIS-Asia 2022 took place in Suzhou. Many international and domestic experts shared their latest technologies and experiences in generic 505(b)2 and innovative drugs. They approached the topic from multiple perspectives: strategy, technology, market, regulations, and clinical. Dr. Jianguo Ma, Senior Vice President of Viva Biotech and CEO of Langhua Pharmaceutical, delivered a keynote speech on the "Screening of Salt Form and Crystalline Form During Drug Development" at Forum 7 on July 29. He also participated as a panelist in the "API Crystalline Form Research and Control " discussion.


(Third from the right: Dr. Jianguo Ma, Senior Vice President of Viva Biotech and CEO of Langhua Pharmaceutical)


Dr. Jianguo Ma explained the importance of screening for salt and crystalline forms during drug development and introduced the screening strategy of salts using examples and regulatory requirements, as well as the consideration of multiple crystalline forms and the standard decision-making about their applications.

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