Viva Biotech Collaborates with NanoImaging Services
Time: 2021-10-13
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:To Offer an Integrated CryoEM Gene-to-Structure Workflow to Streamline Target Discovery

Shanghai,  San Diego ——  Viva Biotech Holdings (1873.HK) and NanoImaging Services, Inc. recently announced a new partnership agreement that will provide clients with a streamlined, cryoEM enabled gene to structure workflow.


Under the terms of the collaboration, clients can access the pooled resources of both companies under a single agreement to manage their projects from construct design through to final maps and subsequent protein supply and analyses for medicinal chemistry cycles. This will facilitate target and structure validation for companies with challenging targets that lack protein science and/or cryo-EM expertise and infrastructure.


“We are very excited to build the strategic cooperation with NIS. Viva and NIS will achieve great synergies. As the world's top cryo-EM service provider, NIS has considerable advantages in technology and equipment. As the world's leading drug discovery platform, Viva has efficient protein purification and production capabilities, along with the advanced membrane protein expression and screening technology. Our cooperation is expected to further enhance the ability of target discovery, to empower the clients to develop new drugs as soon as possible, and benefit more patients.” said Dr. Ren Delin, Executive Director and President of Viva.


“By combining forces and aligning already successful and proven workflows, we believe target enablement and medicinal chemistry timelines can be shortened significantly and success rates increased, bringing down the overall investment costs.” said Ben Schenker, Chief Commercial Officer at NanoImaging Services.


“It is clear that one of the strongest predictors of success in structural enablement of drug discovery targets is the purity, homogeneity, and in-depth biochemical and biophysical characterization of the reagents involved”, said Giovanna Scapin, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at NIS. “This new collaborative agreement brings together a worldwide leader in protein production and characterization with our industry-leading expertise and innovation in high-resolution structural enablement by cryo-EM. Together we aim to successfully target the most complex and challenging projects in drug discovery for our shared clients in a cost- and time- effective manner.” 



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