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Biocom Educational Session - Transformative Screening Platforms for Today's Drug Discovery

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2018/05/04 14:37
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June 20th, 8-10 AM, 2018
Venue: Biocom McGraw Boardroom- 10996 Torreyana Rd. Suite 200, San Diego, CA
Do you wish to keep abreast of the new developments in cutting-edge screening technologies? Are you trying to rise to the challenge of working with “undruggable” targets? Is getting access to the state-of-the-art biophysical screening platforms such as Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) and NMR-enabled high throughput screening part of your strategies for lead generation? Are you considering adding 3D tissue ex vivo screening to your tool box for pharmacology assays? If so, come join us at the next Biocom CRO Educational Session on June 20th. This program will showcase some of the most advanced technologies to help address the challenges that scientists are facing today when low hanging fruits in drug discovery are harder to find. Three featured speakers from Viva Biotech, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Asellus Therapeutics will be sharing with the audience their know-how and insights from different perspectives. Case studies using different approaches will also be demonstrated. We look forward to a great discussion with all of you who are passionate about technology innovation and drug discovery.
8:00AM   Introduction - Yinghong Gao, Executive Director, Business Development, Viva Biotech
8:15AM   ASMS Screening as an Enabling Platform for Early Lead Discovery - Dr. Shawn Cheng, CTO of Viva Biotech 
8:45AM   Takeda’s Tool Kit of Biophysical Methods - Dr. Elisa Barile, Senior Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
9:15AM   Humanized 3D Modeling for Oncology Drug Discovery - Dr. Brett Hall, CEO of Asellus Therapeutics
9:45AM   Q&A
Shawn Cheng, PhD
CTO,  Viva Biotech 
Elisa Barile, PhD
Senior Scientist, Takeda
Brett Hall, PhD
CEO, Asellus Therapeutics
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