Viva Biotech's Recent Conferences & Events Review
Time: 2023-05-05
Source: Viva Biotech
[Abstract]:Over the past month, Viva Biotech attended 8 industry conferences/events and delivered some insights.

In April, Viva Biotech was invited to attend 2022 SAPA-China Annual Conference, 88th API China, Drug Discovery Chemistry, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023, CPHI Japan 2023, PharmFuture 2023 Small Molecule Innovative Drug Future Leadership Summit, 2023 China - Yangzhou Biopharmaceutical Forum, 2023 Dalian Biopharmaceutical Industry Conference and International Gene Festival, etc. Experts shared a lot of great contents and idea in these conferences and events.



2022 SAPA-China Annual Conference


6th-7th April, the "2022 SAPA-China Annual Conference - Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of China's Biopharmaceutical Industry" hosted by The Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA) was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. Viva Biotech was invited to participate in this annual conference, and Dr. Jianhua Cai, Senior Vice President of Viva Biotech, and Dr. Jianguo Ma, Senior Vice President of Viva Biotech and CEO of Langhua Pharmaceutical, were invited as guest speakers in the keynote speeches.



Dr. Jianhua Cai


Throughout the years, the United States has been a leader in the global innovative pharmaceutical product field, where many blockbuster drugs are born and greatly improved the life quality of patients. However, compared to leading countries like the United States, Chinese pharmaceutical industry still has a long way to go in terms of developing innovative new drug. As one of the key players in innovative drug discovery CRO, Viva has served thousands of global innovative drug development clients in the past decade. Through an analysis of the collaboration with these international and domestic clients, Dr. Cai pointed out that overseas innovative biotech companies prefer biology-driven drug discovery strategies and pay more efforts on studying biological mechanisms. In contrast, in the past decades domestic clients focus more on fast follow strategy. However, from the increasing demand for drug screening technology by domestic clients, the innovation of domestic companies' projects has been continuously improving in recent years, and more and more domestic companies are initiating first-in-class drug development projects. In order to further illustrate the biologically-driven R&D strategy of overseas innovative drug companies, Dr. Cai shared two successful cases published by a foreign partner of Viva in the top international journals Science and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry respectively (details in the reference at the end of the article). Dr. Cai gave a comprehensive introduction to Viva's biophysical technologies, including X-ray, Cryo-EM, HDX-MS, SPR, Intact-MS, Native-MS, and their critical roles in drug mechanism of action (MOA) studies. He explained how to use biophysical technologies for affinity-based drug screening and shared the application of ASMS technology in the screening of multi-conformational proteins and molecular glue, crystal soaking technology and SPR screening of fragment libraries, and Intact-MS screening of covalent compound libraries. Finally, Dr. Cai showcased Viva’s technology platform in original drug research through 2 case studies: the discovery of small molecule PCSK9 conformational inhibitors and pseudokinase targets. Viva's medicinal chemistry team also participated in the compound design and optimization of these projects, making important contributions to the compounds' intellectual property. He believes that in the future, Viva Biotech can empower more domestic innovative drug companies and help them achieve internationalization in original drug research.



Dr. Jianguo Ma


Nowadays, green chemistry has become a globally focused area, and more and more pharmaceutical companies are including it in their considerations to promote sustainable and benign development of their businesses. Dr. Jianguo Ma provided a comprehensive introduction to what green chemistry is, existing and urgently needed green chemistry technologies. He emphasizes green chemistry technologies such as continuous reactions, enzyme catalysis, hydrogen borrowing reactions, photoredox reactions, and provides in-depth explanations of their wide applications in production with multiple classic cases. Finally, regarding the future development of green chemistry, Dr. Ma believes that synthetic biology will be the most promising green chemistry for drug synthesis.



At SAPA-CHINA, Viva Biotech fully demonstrated its one-stop platform for early-stage structure-based drug discovery to commercial drug delivery, as well as multiple core technologies and successful cases such as protein production and preparation, structural biology, cryo-EM, drug screening, Bioassay, medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design, etc. The exhibition attracted many guests to visit and consult, and the feedback on site was positive with a warm atmosphere.



The 88th API China


"The 88th API China and the 26th CHINA-PHARM was held on April 12-14 at Qingdao Expo City International Exhibition Center.



At that time, Langhua Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Viva Biotech, attended the exhibition and showcased its high-quality pharmaceutical ingredient products at Booth N3B15, attracting many exhibitors who showed great interests on the displayed products.



Drug Discovery Chemistry


Drug Discovery Chemistry, a dynamic conference for medicinal and biophysical chemists working in pharma, biotech, and academia, was held April 10-13, 2023 (PDT time) in San Diego, USA and virtually. The forum focused on the discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates. Other topics for 2023 include targeting transcription factors, plus more expanded coverage of protein degraders, molecular glues, and artificial intelligence for early drug discovery. Yinghong Gao, Vice President of BD at Viva Biotech, Rajeev Hotchandani, Vice President of BD at Viva Biotech and Simon Bury, Head of BD & Vice President at SYNthesis med chem, attended this forum and had in-depth communication with friends and partners from the industry.


From left to right: Yinghong Gao, Simon Bury & Rajeev Hotchandani


During the exhibition, Viva Biotech showcased a one-stop comprehensive service platform for drug development from early-stage structure-based drug discovery to commercial drug delivery, as well as core technologies and successful cases in protein production and preparation, structural biology, cryo-EM, drug screening, bioassay platform, chemical services, computer-aided drug design, and more. They also shared their rich R&D experience and professional insights in early drug discovery with guests, attracting the attention of many international biopharmaceutical companies.



AACR Annual Meeting 2023


One of the largest cancer research conferences in the world, the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2023 (AACR) was held April 14-19, 2023 (EDT time) in Orlando, Florida, USA. More than 20,000 cancer scientists, clinical doctors, and policymakers gathered here to focus on the latest advances in cancer research, including population science and prevention, cancer biology, translational and clinical research, survivorship and advocacy.



 From left to right: Dr. Maarten Postema & Rajeev Hotchandani


Dr. Maarten Postema and Rajeev Hotchandani, Senior Vice President of BD at Viva Biotech, attended the forum and communicated with guests who came to consult at booth, sharing Viva's successful cases and professional insights in the field of new drug development for cancer drugs. At the exhibition, Viva Biotech fully demonstrated its one-stop comprehensive service capabilities, from early structure-based drug discovery to commercial drug delivery, covering core services such as cancer drug development, PROTAC drug development, protein production and structural research, cryo-EM, drug screening, Bioassay platform, medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design, etc.



CPHI Japan 2023


CPhI worldwide is the largest, highest standard and most well-known trade fair in the pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates industry, which is held regularly every year in Europe, Japan, India and South America, with exhibitors and visitors from all five continents. This exhibition was held from April 19-21, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan, which was also the largest professional international pharmaceutical ingredients exhibition in Japan.


Ms. Yan Ban, Board Director ( third from left ) with the commercial team


Ms. Yan Ban, Board Director of Langhua Pharmaceutical, attended the exhibition together with the commercial team, and had an in-depth discussion with clients and colleagues from Japanese pharmaceutical industry on market demands, small molecule drugs cooperation and Japanese market dynamics at Booth 6E-22. 



PharmFuture 2023 Small Molecule Innovative Drug Future Leadership Summit


From April 22-23, PharmFuture 2023 Small Molecule Innovative Drug Future Leaders Summit was held in Shanghai, focusing on "New Targets and Technologies", "Anti-tumor Small Molecule Drug Development", "CNS Neuropharmaceuticals and Improved New Drugs", "High-end Formulation & Drug Delivery", "Non-Marketable Targets", "Analytical Methods/CMC/Drug Delivery" etc. to discuss the industry trends of small molecule innovative drug development. Dr. Jianguo Ma, Senior Vice President of Viva Biotech and CEO of Langhua Pharmaceutical, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote report entitled "R&D, Production and Declaration of Innovative Drug API from IND to NDA".


Dr. Jianguo Ma


Dr. Ma shared his professional insights and technical experience in this field, and made an in-depth explanation based on the successful cases of Langhua Pharmaceuticals in API R&D and production in different clinical stages. In addition, he highlighted Langhua's capabilities, advantages, and successful cases in providing one-stop CMC (raw materials and formulations) services, including a first-class R&D team, advanced technology platforms for raw materials and formulations, sufficient production capacity, reliable GMP and EHS management systems, and a comprehensive IP protection system. Thanks to these capabilities, Langhua meets the one-stop CDMO needs of clients for small molecule drug research and production in an efficient, flexible, and high-quality manner.


At the same time, Langhua Pharmaceutical also had a booth at the exhibition A39, where the on-site commercial team provided professional answers to the many inquiries.



2023 China - Yangzhou Biopharmaceutical Forum


The "2023 China - Yangzhou Biopharmaceutical Forum" was held on April 25-26 in Yangzhou, China. The forum included in-depth discussions on cooperative development between pharmaceutical companies and biotech projects, overseas investment and financing of innovative drugs, and antibody and vaccine process development.


Dr. Jianhua Cai, Senior Vice President of Viva Biotech, participated in the Forum's President's Parlor event and made a presentation. He said that with its leading position in structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) technology, Viva Biotech provides CRO services to global partners at the new drug research stage, covering the full range of biological and chemical services from target to preclinical candidate compounds. Viva’s SBDD technology has helped 4 FIC drugs to be approved by FDA for marketing. In addition, With our subsidiary, Langhua Pharmaceutical, Viva also offers a one-stop integrated CMC/CDMO service from preclinical to commercial manufacturing. Viva would continue to strengthen one-stop drug development and manufacturing service platform to better empower the development of biopharmaceutical innovation.



2023 Dalian Biopharmaceutical Industry Conference and International Gene Conference


The "2023 Dalian Biomedical Industry Conference and International Gene Festival" was held at Dalian Bio Valley and Dalian International Conference Center from April 25-28. The theme is "Making the life industry great forever".


First from left: Dr Han Dai


Driven by a series of reform measures in NMPA and CDE, talent supply and investment in the biomedical field have seen vigorous development, and China's innovative drug R&D has evolved rapidly from generic drugs to me-too/me-better and then to BIC/FIC. Focusing on this development status of the pharmaceutical industry, Dr Han Dai, CIO of Viva Biotech and Head of Viva BioInnovator, acted as the moderator of the " Biomedical High-End Dialogue 1&2" roundtables and had an in-depth conversation and discussion with the present guests. They also discussed and provided professional insights on how companies can better navigate the current environment, which tends to rationalized biomedical investment and financing.  

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