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Biological Tissue or Cell Ultrastructure Observation

Biological specimens prepared by chemical fixation, high pressure freezing and freeze-substitution and immuno-electron can be observed by Talos 120kV TEM to obtain its ultrastructure. Specimen prepared by Tokuyasu's cryosectioning method and other Immuno-electron microscopy methods can also be applied on Talos 120kV TEM to determine the subcellular localization of target proteins.

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    Plant Tissues


    Animal Tissues


    Isolated Cells




    Immunoelectron Microscopy

    Results published in: Mengmeng Zhao, Fei Wang, Juehui Wu, Yuanna Cheng, Yajuan Cao, Xiangyang Wu, Mingtong Ma, Fen Tang, Zhi Liu, Haipeng Liu & Baoxue Ge (2021) CGAS is a micronucleophagy receptor for the clearance of micronuclei, Autophagy, DOI: 10.1080/15548627.2021.1899440