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Medicinal Chemistry

Viva-Chemistry is led by veterans from big US pharmaceutical companies
Product description
Medicinal Chemistry
Our medicinal chemistry services include hit-to-lead and lead optimization. We focus on a traditional medicinal chemistry approach, a process through which a series of compounds are carefully designed with the structure-aided SAR analysis, followed by chemical synthesis and evaluations of biological activities. We also design and synthesize focused libraries to support SAR analysis.
The Viva Chemistry will continuously devote our best efforts to support our clients in synthetic chemistry and drug discovery to ensure the success of rapidly advancing our clients' objectives in the areas of:
■ Lead generation and optimization
■ Design and synthesis of analogs to support structure-activity relationship studies
■ Parallel synthesis of focused or fragment libraries
■ Preparation of scaffolds, building blocks, and reference compounds
■ Computational chemistry modeling and structure-based design
■ Custom synthesis in mg scale to kg scale


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