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Antibody Discovery Service

As a technology and innovation driven contract research biotech company
Product description
Antibody Discovery Service
Our antibody drug discovery services include, among others, antigen preparation, antibody discovery, optimization, humanization, maturation, affinity measurement, lab-sale and large scale purification, and epitope characterization by antibody-antigen complex structural determination.
In-house Naïve Human scFv Phage Display Library:
● Naïve antibody genes from >50 human donors (Spleens and Bone marrows)
● Naïve library
      ■ size: 1.1x1010
      ■ Sequence diversity analysis
      ■ 16/64: truncation, frameshift, amber codon 
      ■ 46/64: full length scFv, all HCDR3s are unique
            ◆ 13/46: lamLC
            ◆ 33/46: kappa LC
● Library selection
      ■ Applied to more 20 protein antigens
      ■ 20-200 unique antibody clones/antigen
      ■ Best affinity: 0.5 nM; usually: 10-100 nM 
Antibody Drug Discovery:
Reagent Antibody Provision:
● Immunogen: peptide, recombinant protein, etc
● Antibody generation
      ■  Hybridoma approach
      ■  Phage display approach
● Antibody affinity maturation
      ■  CDR mutagenesis
      ■  Chain shuffling
      ■  Error-prone PCR
● Production 
      ■  In vivo production
      ■  In vitro production using mammalian expression system
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