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Viva Biotech Awarded "Best Small and Medium Market Value Company"

2021/01/11 10:48
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Shenzhen, China-On January 6, 2021, the "Fifth Golden Hong Kong Stocks Annual Awards Ceremony", co-sponsored by the Hong Kong and US stocks information platforms Zhitong Finance and Tonghuashun Finance, was successfully held in Shenzhen. Viva Biotech (01873.HK) won the "Best Small and Medium Market Value Company" award. Mr. Fengmao Hua, Chief Financial Officer of Viva Biotech, won the "Best CFO" award.
Viva Biotech won the "Best Small and Medium-sized Market Value Company" award, which once again confirmed the industry and investors' full recognition of the company's strong R&D capability and innovative business model.
Mr. Fengmao Hua, Chief Financial Officer of Viva Biotech, won the "Best CFO" award. Mr. Fengmao Hua was appointed as the Executive Director and CFO of Viva Biotech in July 2018. He is mainly responsible for the strategic development, capital investment and financial management of the group. As the CFO and co-founder of Viva Biotech, Mr. Fengmao Hua successfully issued US$180 million in convertible debt in February 2020, led the company to complete HK$1.05 billion in stock placement financing in July 2020, and succeeded issued US$280 million in convertible bonds in December 2020, which provided abundant cash support for the company’s rapid development. Under the leadership of Mr. Fengmao Hua, the team has completed a series of strategic planning and M&A projects. There into, Viva Biotech completed the strategic integration of Zhejiang Langhua Pharmaceutical (valued at RMB 3.2 billion) in November 2020, and actively promoted the company's industrial chain integration and the construction of a one-stop integrated R&D platform.
In 2020, with no fear of the challenge of the COVID-19, Viva Biotech has delivered satisfactory answers in multiple dimensions such as innovative R&D, incubation investment, strategic integration, industry cooperation, and capital markets.