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Viva International Incubator assists Qiyu Biotech, breaking new ground of tumor immune antibody drug research and development

Company News
2017/10/09 16:51
Qiyu Biotech (Qiyu) is a company incubated in Viva International Incubator, specializing in
Qiyu Biotech (Qiyu) is a company incubated in Viva International Incubator, specializing in innovative macromolecular drug research and development. Qiyu is founded in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and get angel investment as well. Qiyu set his goal in developing new drugs for treatment of incurable cancer, autoimmune diseases and metabolic diseases, etc. Qiyu has a plurality of antibody drug development technology platform, including phage display technology platform, hybridoma antibody technology platform and single domain antibody platform.
As the founder of this company, Dr. Qu has much more management experiences in large pharmaceutical companies such as  Lilly and Amgen. After returning to China, he helped domestic Hengrui, Yangtze River pharmaceutical companies setting up antibody drug development platform, and led the development of tumor immune antibody drug which is currently in the leading position in clinical research in China.
About Viva International Incubator
Established in 2014, the Viva International Incubator moved to Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park in April 2017, covering an area of 2800 square meters.
The incubator serves for the global pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes to cooperate in the development of innovative drugs and provide services at the same time, through the integration of angel investment, industrial fund and the government guide fund investment to help incubation project grow rapidly.