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Sir Director/Director of Antibody Discovery
Working place:
Shanghai- -
Release time:
2017/09/29 09:12
Job responsibilities 
1. Provide strategic, managerial, and scientific leadership in Biologic Discovery Programs with areas of antibody discovery, molecular biology, assay development, biologics generation and screening. 
2. Successful candidate will lead and grow up to a 20+ team of molecular biologists and other technical professionals with responsibility for setting strategic direction, and determining goals/objectives/priorities for multi-disciplinary team of scientists. 
3. You will be responsible for designing, executing and reporting the results of experiments to support projects from target identification and validation through to clinical candidate selection. 
4. Provide clarification, guidance, coaching to enable individuals and teams to meet expectations and continually experience rewarding career growth. 
1. Ph.D. or advanced degree in immunology, molecular biology, or biochemistry.
2. Minimum 5 years experience in biologic and antibody discovery with solid knowledge and skills at monoclonal antibody generation, bi-specific antibody construct design, antibody engineering, and other biologics related technologies. 
3. Experienced in vitro and ex vivo cell-based immunological assays.
4 In depth understanding of therapeutic antibody discovery process.
5. Must have an outstanding record of successful research, including publications in peer-reviewed journals.
6. Demonstrated ability to guide groups through corporate change and growth.
7. Strong leadership and managerial skills are essential.
8. Excellent oral and written communication skills both in English and Chinese.
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