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Senior Project Manager-Drug Discovery
Working place:
Shanghai- -
Release time:
2017/09/11 09:34
1.Responsible for drug discovery project management to ensure the timely delivery of the results and reaching the project goals. 
2.Lead the team to solve critical and challenging scientific problems, such as strategic planning, method development, and maintaining productivity and quality.
3.Structural determination of complex organic molecules by means of analytical data, such as LCMS, HPLC, and NMR.
4.Write formal project update report and prepare ppt presentation in English and report to the upper management team and clients.
5.Proficient with searching and analyzing English language journal articles and patents, and make in-depth analyses to guide the project decision making.
6.Provide team members with chemistry theoratical and technical skill training.
1.Ph.D. degree (or equivalent research or industrial experience) in Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, or other Chemistry-related field.
2.Hands-on experience with pre-clinical small molecule drug discovery project.
3.Very strong sense of responsibility, excellent scientific communication skills, and creativity are essential to fullfill the requirements of this job.
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