Antibody Drug R&D Services

Viva Biotech has a high-level professional team focused on preclinical Antibody drug discovery, and world-class comprehensive antibody discovery technology platforms. In addition to traditional hybridoma screening technologies, we also have optimized phage display, yeast display, and mammalian display and much more, providing one-stop services in Antibody R&D from target antigens to functional antibody candidates for domestic and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Service Content
  • Antigen Preparation

    Design, expression and purification of target antigens

    Assembly design and preparation of Nano-disc and VLP antigens

    Stable cell lines generation of Target

  • Discovery of Multi-species 
    Monoclonal Antibodies

    Screening of human specific antibodies

    Screening of nanobody/VHH and humanized single chain antibody

    Screening of monoclonal antibodies in mice and rats

  • Functional Screening and Identification of Antibodies

    Identification of binding or blocking activity against protein or on cells)

    (Identification of internalization of antibodies)

    Assay development and characterization of ADCC, CDC, and ADCP

    Cytotoxicity test for ADC drug

  • Antibody Engineering Transformation

    VH/VL Sequencing

    Antibody Humanization

    Antibody Affinity Maturation

    Antibody production and characterization for chimeric or humanized antibody

  • Antibody Characteristics

    Epitope mapping through HDX analysis, antigen/antibody complex crystallization study

    Bioactivity & developability

    Affinity analysis

  • Antibody Cell Line Engineering Transformation

    Construction of stable cell lines

    Stable cell line optimization

Technology Platforms

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