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We operate a leading structure-based, integrated drug discovery platform in terms of revenue in 2017 and beam time for synchrotron radiation with a number of world-leading technologies and ascalable business model to share the upside of our customers’ IP value. We provide structure-based drug discovery services to our biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers worldwide for their preclinical stage innovative drug development. 

Our services cover the full spectrum of our customers’ needs for early stage drug discovery, including target protein expression and structure research, hit screening, lead optimization and drug candidate determination. Our patented core technologies, as well as our proprietary know-how which enables us to effectively shorten the average time required for drug discovery, are widely recognized by our customers. 

388 companies globally till June 30th, 2019, and pharmaceutical customers worldwide, worked on over 1,000 independent drug targets and delivered approximately over 11,000 independent protein structures.

Our mission is to become a cradle for promising biotechnology startups around the world.